At Indisol we combine the epoxy resins and high quality materials with the latest technology.
Resinas Epoxy Indisol

Indisol Epoxy Resin

The preferred material for electrical insulation, with a solid track record spanning over half a century in Power Distribution equipment. A single material which performs both mechanical and electrical functions, able to encapsulate components: robust and monolithic insulation solutions;

Aromatic resins for low-, medium- and high voltage indoor applications;

Cycloaliphatic systems loaded with pretreated silica flour for low-, medium- and high voltage applications exposed to weather, pollution and high levels of humidity;

Special systems developed according to specified electrical, thermal and mechanical performance.
Processo Indisol

Indisol Process

Current production capacity of cast-resin products: 1.500 ton/year;

Vacuum mixing technology to prepare the epoxy cast-resin;

Pressure gelation technology to hot-cure moulded pieces for medium and high volume, with high electrical performance and dimensional requirements
28 clamping machines;

Vacuum or atmospheric casting for special parts or applications.

Indisol Quality and Test equipments

Ensaios Elétricos:

Electrical Tests:
AC dieletric – 3 test stations
Partial discharge – 3 test stations
max power – 60kVa
max voltage – 150 kVrms
Voltage dividers comparison, till 15kVrms
Ensaios Dimensionais Ensaios Mecânicos

Dimensional Test
Mechanical Tests:


Climatic Chamber (-40ºC to 100ºC)
Gas leakage rate
X- Ray Radioscopy (160kV)
Control under applicable standards or agreement with customers.